Looks like the Mac Studio is indeed upgradable.

Courtesy to MKBHD's tweet, most of us believed that the Mac Studio is impossible to open, let alone upgrade the internals. But, according to a video by well-known YouTube Channel "Max Tech", it looks like Apple did indeed leave some space to add an SSD.

Video of internals of the Mac Studio:

MKBHD's Tweet:

This is reportedly the world's first teardown of the Mac Studio. Some observations that Max made (which were pre-known) are:

  1. The M1 Ultra Mac Studio is significantly heavier than the M1 Ultra model. This is due to the copper power supply unit instead of the regular aluminium one.

  2. Nothing other than the SSD are upgradable on the Mac Studio. This is the because the chip itself holds the CPU, GPU as well as the unified ram.

Source: Max Tech

Even days later, it looks like there has not been another Mac Studio teardown on the entirety of YouTube. Max and his team were hard at work to provide us the video as quick as possible. You can watch their video here.

Thanks to Max Tech for allowing to use their images :)

Article by Nimrat Khalsa

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